FAQ: Does Measure Mobile 3 Require an Internet Connection During Field Use?

No.  Measure Mobile 3 is capable of performing roll allocation and worksheet calculations without an internet connection.  The Projects screen allows a user to select which projects are available On Device.  In addition, the Products screen allows a user to choose which products are On Device.  These features allow for field use that does not require an internet connection.  

However, an internet connection is needed for the following:

  • Access to projects not set as "On Device"
  • Access to recent updates made to "On Device" projects via Measure Desktop
  • Ability to upload edits or newly created projects to the Cloud
  • Access to the shared Cloud Product Database

Since the above actions can take place before and after an onsite measurement, Measure Mobile 3 provides a good solution for estimators and sales professionals who do not have a mobile device with a data plan.

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