FAQ: Why Can't I See Other User's Folders in My Company?

Measure Mobile 3 allows you to view and edit other user's projects.  This can be done via the side menu in the Projects screen.  Open the menu and press on the dropdown menu that appears with your username inside of it.  If there is no dropdown menu, first confirm that you have selected the Everything view.  If there is still no dropdown menu visible, there are two potential reasons:

1. No one else in your company has yet logged into Measure Mobile

2. Your User Role is set to Estimator.  Estimators do not have access to other user's folders. You may request that your Administrator adjust your role to a Manager or Administrator status if you need to see other user's folders and the projects within.  

3. You are using a mobile phone or small tablet in portrait mode. Portrait mode does not display the option to view other folders. Turning the device to landscape mode will display this dropdown menu.

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