FAQ: What Does the "Desktop Project Message" Indicate?

On occasion, upon opening and editing a project in Measure Mobile 3 that was created or edited previously in Measure Desktop, you may see this "Desktop Project" message displayed below:

Every effort is made to ensure a seamless transition between Measure Desktop and Measure Mobile, but in the event that this message appears, here is the reason why:

If any of the more complex estimating methods* that Measure Mobile 3 does not yet support are used in a project saved by Measure Desktop, then your quantities will not be recalculated on your mobile device to ensure that you are not provided with an inaccurate estimate.

All edits made using Measure Mobile are still saved to the project.  Once the project is uploaded back to the Cloud and reopened in Measure Desktop, the quantities will be correctly recalculated.    

*Examples include coving, wall tile, perimeter calculations involving shared transitions, and custom mosaic tile patterns.  

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