Quick Rooms


Quick Rooms are predefined room shapes in specific sizes. When you click on the Quick Room button, a gallery of Quick Rooms appears that you can select from. Once a Quick Room is selected, you can then place it on your floor plan. You may add your own Quick Rooms to the Gallery and manage the existing Quick Rooms.


How To:

  1. Click on the Quick Room button in the Draw group under the Home tab of the Ribbon bar to access a gallery of pre-drawn shapes.
  2. Select one of the Quick Room shapes and the cursor will change to a four-headed arrow in the center of a dashed red outline of the selected Quick Room.
  3. Click on your floor plan where you wish to place the Quick Room.


  • After placing the Quick Room, you can click in the middle of the room and then drag it to move it on the floor plan.
  • The room shape can be resized or edited by clicking and dragging each edge, or you can click on an edge and change its length using the Keypad.
  • Keypad adjustments will follow the Line Arrow of the selected edge.
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