Measure Editions

Information about each edition of Measure to help you find the best fit for your organization.


Ideal for sales representatives and smaller flooring dealers

  • Draw rooms with keyboard or use predefined room shapes.
  • All printed reports



Ideal for flooring dealers, contractors, estimators, on-site estimators, and installers

  • Includes all features of Simple with the addition of:
    • Draw rooms with Mouse or DISTO device
    • Advanced drawing tools
    • Tile patterns
    • Export to Quickbooks



Ideal for design centers and design professionals

  • Additional features for creating 3D models
  • Advanced profit margin tools
  • Custom tile patterns



Ideal for commercials contractors, new home and multi-home contractors, and large flooring dealers

  • All features included as with other editions with the addition of:
    • Import PDFs, graphics, and AutoCAD files
    • Estimate coving, ceiling tile, tile elevations
    • Advanced export to Excel
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