Project Information (RFMS Mobile Users)


Tabs displayed across the top of the Project Information screen:

Contains title, measure and delivery dates, project last modified date, and cost.

Additionally, this screen shows sales lead, salesperson, and quote/order numbers. You can also add private notes that will appear in the order. These are not viewable on any printed reports meant for the customer.

Customer name, address, phone number, and email appears here.

You can also search for, create, and update customers in RFMS database.

Job name, address, phone number, and email appears here.

My Store
Select the appropriate store associated with this project. The list of stores, their names, and their addresses is based on the RFMS system options. Otherwise it is entered by an administrator through RFMS Online Services.

Terms and conditions will also appear here. These defined by a system administrator and are pulled from the Terms and Conditions area in RFMS Online Services.


 How To:

  1. To get to the Project information screen you can either press the information button on the project tile of the Home screen or, if you are already in a project, the information button will be located at the bottom left of the Side Bar Menu.
  2. Edit the various fields under the listed tabs that apply to the project.
  3. Press Done to save changes.
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