Measure Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

The are keyboard shortcuts that can make you more efficient in using Measure. You can download the PDF of this information at the bottom of this page.

Function Keys
Press this key... do this
F1 Display Help
F2 Display the  Keypad
F3 Open Product List
F4 Open Worksheet
F5 Align Rooms
F6 Move to Next Point
F7 Move to Previous Point
F8 Bring current object to front
F9 Bring current object to back
F12 Edit/Seam Views
Shift + F1 Select Arrow
Shift + F2 Open Quick Rooms
Shift + F3 Draw Rectangular Room
Shift + F4 Draw Polygon
Shift + F5 Draw Right Angle
Shift + F6 Draw Arc
Shift + F7 Draw Rectangular Hole
Shift + F8 Draw Polygon Hole
Control Keys
Press this key... do this
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + B Break Open Room
Ctrl + C Copy Selected Object
Ctrl + N Select None
Ctrl + O Open Measure File
Ctrl + R Reverse Line Direction
Ctrl + S Save Measure File
Ctrl + V Paste Copied Object
Ctrl + X Cut Selected Object
Ctrl + Y Redo an Action
Ctrl + Z Undo an Action
Ctrl + Shift + A Open Add-ons for Selected Room
Ctrl + Shift + C Close a Room
Ctrl + Shift + F Zoom to Fit Selection
Ctrl + Shift + H Flip Object on X-axis
Ctrl + Shift + I Zoom In
Ctrl + Shift + R Use Zoom to Area Tool
Ctrl + Shift + T Insert Single Transition (Room must be selected)
Ctrl + Shift + V Flip Object on Y-axis
Ctrl + Shift + W Create Walls for Selected Room(s)
Ctrl + Shift + Z Zoom Out
Additional Keys
Press this key... do this
Insert Toggle Walls Display
Delete Delete Selected Object
Alt + Backspace Display Properties of Selected Room
Shift (while drawing room) Temporarily Turn Straighten Off
Ctrl (while drawing a room) Temporarily Turn Snapping Off
Mouse Wheel
Zooms your drawing in and out
Right-click (while drawing a room)

Toggles between the first and last points of a room you're currently drawing. This will adjust the placement of the next segment.

Use this tool when drawing room segments need to be drawn in a non-sequential order.

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  • Are there the ability to customize shortcut keys? That would be a big help for frequently used functions that are not currently set-up.

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