Measure Licensing

Measure logins are managed similarly to logging into a network or a web site. Measure is in constant communication with the licensing service allowing business owners precise control over their pool of licenses. If a computer is turned off, hibernates, or even crashes while logged into Measure, the license is automatically freed allowing it to be used on another computer. Even if Measure is left running on a computer somewhere, your company administrator has the ability to revoke the license and free it for use by someone else.

Basic Overview of Licensing in Measure

Suppose you have two Measure licenses: License A and License B. You also have several estimators, but the ones we are concerned with are Alice and John. Alice has a laptop she takes everywhere with her. John has a PC at the office and another at home that he sometimes also uses for work.

Alice starts Measure. This causes her to check-out License A.


John also starts Measure on his work PC. The system automatically check outs License B to John. At this point. no one else can use Measure - both licenses are in use. Even John cannot sign in from home unless he first signs out at the office.


Next, John has to leave the office unexpectedly. He forgot to close Measure. Let's imagine that his computer is configured to automatically go into standby mode after 30 minutes. Because his computer has stopped talking to the RFMS Server, License B automatically becomes available for someone else to check-out. He can sign in at home without having to do anything special.


Key Points:

  • Each license may be checked out to only one Measure user (on one computer) at a time.
  • Measure is in constant communication with the RFMS License Server
  • If Measure stops communication with the server for any reason, the license automatically becomes available for others to use.
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