How do I connect Quickbooks with Measure?

Use the following steps to establish a connection between Measure and QuickBooks:

  1. Ensure your company file is open in QuickBooks.
  2. Start a new blank project in Measure.
  3. Select "Customer" under the Home tab of the Ribbon Bar in Measure.
  4. When the Project Information dialog box opens, click on "Import from..." and select "QuickBooks Importer".
  5. QuickBooks should display a series of dialog boxes asking if you want to allow Measure to access your company file. In the first dialog box, select the option: “Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running”. In each of the dialog boxes that follow, confirm that you want to give Measure access to your company file.
  6. If the connection between Measure and QuickBooks works, you should be given the chance to select one of your customers in QuickBooks to import into the current Measure project.


  • Measure connectivity works for the desktop installed QuickBooks USA version, only.
  • The QuickBooks Online version will not connect with Measure.
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