Measure PC 14.0 Release Notes


Measure 14.0.3430 is now available for download. This is a maintenance update containing minor improvements and bug fixes since our last major version, Measure 14.0.3403 was released in April, 2018. 

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved performance issues introduced in build 3403
  • Checklist Items in Mobile were not reflecting the calculation method in Desktop
  • Occasionally the old Quick Rooms insertion method (no outline, no dragging) would be used
  • Measure was not shutting down correctly when the checkout duration expired
  • Wall panels in stacks were incorrectly updated when a panel was deleted
  • Product thickness is no longer applied to walls which resulted in obscuring the product when viewing the room from an exterior perspective
  • Tiles could be made to overlap in Tile Editor
  • Corrected cosmetic issues on keypad
  • At high DPI settings, there were cosmetic issues with the 3D library
  • Two layout arrows should not be displayed in one room
  • The overlap tool did not work to fix overlaps on a cut plan
  • Measure was not duplicating sheet properly when phases were involved
  • Cosmetic issue on the Lighting and Perspective dialog has been corrected
  • Default walls no longer surround my steps
  • The Angled Cut button was not enabled when it should have been
  • Measurement lines were not appearing in the small 3D viewer window at times
  • The Align Rooms tool was not working
  • The system no longer hangs when using vectorized graphics
  • Selected sides would stick when using vectorized graphics
  • Edges without corresponding flap rooms now properly display on the drawing screen
  • All the sheets to update/refresh correctly in scenarios when shared transitions are present
  • Changing the lay direction on stacks was not possible
  • Photos report now runs correctly in background printing
  • All of the sheets update/refresh correctly in scenarios when default walls are present


  • Performance was improved for large 3D objects
  • The Add Slab operation is now undoable
  • Renamed "Outside of any border" to "Outside of room" on the Calculation Method dialog
  • Waste" was relabeled as "Calculated waste" in the estimate panel
  • Improvements to the performance of RFMS Store search for products

Known Issues

  • Leica Distos are not connecting properly - will be resolved in a future build


The following are features, improvements and bug fixes contained in Measure 14.0.3403, our last major release. See above for bug fixes and improvements contained in the latest available release, version 14.0.3430. 

New Features

  • Major upgrades to 3D viewer.
    • Scene editor and 3D viewer have been merged.
    • 3D viewer now appears in main drawing area with its own tab and ribbon-bar options.
    • Option to enable 3D, display-only walls.
    • Customize display wall color.
    • Option to hide specific display-only walls.
    • Stairs are now rendered in 3D.
    • Move and resize rooms directly in the 3D viewer.
    • New Walkthrough option lets you view scenes in first-person.
    • Use arrow keys to navigate in Walkthrough mode.
    • Adjust camera perspective in Walkthrough mode.
    • Import 3D models from VRML (.wrl) files. (.wrl files must be produced by the SketchUp by Trimble software application)
    • Import and export in Collada 3D format.
    • Textures are now supported on imported models.
    • Windows are now rendered with glass panes and doors with doorknobs.
    • Windows and doors are rendered with trim.
    • Camera position persists across sessions.
    • Hole tools can now be used directly on rooms in the 3D viewer.
    • Option to display room names in 3D viewer.
  • Wall thickness can now be displayed in 2D view.
  • Waterfall/Theater stairs are now supported.
    • Waterfall risers and treads are automatically grouped and deleted together.
  • Multiplier is now visible on sheet tabs when set to > 1.
    • Multiplier can now be modified using the Sheet Properties dialog.
  • The drawing area now pans automatically if an object is dragged outside the viewable area.
    • Enable this function by going to File > Measure Options > Drawing and checking the "Auto-pan..." box.
    • Hold down the R key while dragging to temporarily suppress this functionality.
  • New Report: Photos


  • Undo and Redo functionality enabled on the Worksheet.
  • Anti-aliasing has been implemented in 3D view to reduce the appearance of jagged edges.
  • It is now possible to import products without choosing a price level by selecting the No Price Level option during import.
  • Product Selector layout now consistently matches Product List layout with respect to horizontal/vertical category layout.
  • Various improvements to panning operations when dragging objects.
  • Panning on 4K monitors is no longer sluggish.
  • The text rendering quality of measurements when dragging in 3D has been improved.
  • The sort order of Worksheet lines now persists onto prints.
  • Project Check-Up now repairs problems arising from the "Inadequate material" error when plank products are involved.
  • Using the middle mouse button to scroll while drawing now works reliably.
  • Perimeter add-on coloring is now appropriately refreshed when the Product List is updated.
  • New checkbox on the Create Edge, Create Walls, and Stack dialogs allows the user to place edge product at the top of a room, not just the bottom.
  • It is now possible to select an edge from the 3D viewer.
  • Improved 3D rendering speed on large scenes.
  • Rendering performance on Elevation Plan has been improved.
  • Handle selections are restored after Undo and Redo is performed.
  • Improvements to snapping functionality, especially on 4K displays.
  • Export to RFMS now sends lines in the same visual order as they appear in the worksheet.
  • Manual Worksheet sorting on specific projects now persists when opening those projects in the future.
  • Four digit precision is now supported for Tax Rates.
  • Calculation for length of curves is now more reliable.

Bug Fixes

  • Attempting to change a product when no tabs are visible in the Material dialog no longer causes a crash.
  • Dragging a point no longer causes a crash under certain circumstances.
  • Dragging a transition no longer causes a crash under certain circumstances.
  • Restored missing checkbox on Welcome screen.
  • Adding or editing a stack no longer causes a crash under certain circumstances.
  • Footer information in Forms is now consistently visible.
  • Jobs that have been edited in Measure Mobile no longer present discrepancies between what is seen in the print preview and what is shown on printed reports.
  • Text in newly-created text boxes now appears immediately.
  • The Snap-to-Grid toggle no longer gets stuck when used in conjunction with Ctrl+C.
  • Rooms added to the 3D library are now immediately available for use.
  • Creating stairs with borders no longer crashes the system when loaded in 3D view.
  • Various issues with the Stacks dialog have been corrected.
  • Rotating stairs now keeps track of which side is the bottom of the stairs.
  • The start point of rectangular tile patterns is no longer lost under certain circumstances.
  • Elevation Plan no longer occasionally omits walls.
  • Room names are no longer distorted on PDF export.
  • Adding a scenario to a project that was created in Measure Mobile no longer causes rooms to be lost.
  • Checklist quantities on projects created in Measure Mobile now import correctly to Measure Desktop.
  • Line tool no longer creates bogus rooms.
  • The "Suppress margin, headers and footers" option no longer splits printed reports onto multiple pages when they can fit on one.
  • Headers and footers no longer print when they are supposed to be suppressed.
  • Splitting rooms now properly handles walls and stacks.
  • Clicking the "3D Library" button no longer causes crashes under certain circumstances.
  • Flaps now consistently move along with the room they are attached to.
  • Transitions now consistently move along with the room they are attached to.
  • Measure no longer crashes when moving a wall under certain circumstances.
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