Diagonal Right-Angle Hole Tool


The diagonal right-angle hole tool offers two options: Make a diagonal hole in a room or a filled diagonal hole.



Diagonal Hole
(One Room)


Filled Diagonal Hole
(Two Rooms)


How To:

1. Select a room from the project. This will enable the hole tools in the Draw section of the Home tab. 
2. Click the Diagonal Right-Angle hole tool. If you want the Filled Hold tool, select the down arrow next to the button to reveal the option. diagonal_hole_options.png

3. Use the red guides to accurately locate the start point for the hole.

Tip: Press F6 to move the guide measurements to the next point going clockwise around the room. Press the F7 key to move to the previous point.

 4. Determine the angle at which you would like the hole to be set by following the guide lines. The exact number of degrees can be seen inside the red parentheses.  diag_step_2.png

 5. Continue placing points until you return to the start  and left-click to close the hole.

Tip: Use Ctrl+Shift+C to complete the last side or click the Close Room button in the Edge section of the Home tab.



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