Add Measuring Line


Measuring lines are used to indicate the distance between two points. They resize dynamically as room position and geometry changes, and can be included on printed reports.



How To:

1. Select the room that you want to measure

2. Click on the "Add Measuring Line" tool

3. Move the cursor so that the start point of the measuring line is positioned over the edge of a room or hole, then left-click.

Measurements on either side of the cursor are provided to ensure accuracy.


4. Move the cursor to another room or hole edge, then click to set the end point. measuring_line_end_point.png


Editing Measuring Lines

To move a measuring line: Click and drag the line to the desired location.



To delete a measuring line: Click on the measuring line to select it, then press the Delete key.

To hide all measuring lines: Select the View tab of the ribbon bar, then check the "Hide measuring lines" checkbox.


To edit the measuring line appearance: Go to File > Measure Options. Under User Settings > Display > General, click on the "Measuring Line" option. The line's color and thickness can be adjusted.




  • The measuring line is anchored to the room and will adjust in length as the room's shape or dimensions are modified.


  • In Layout mode the measuring lines continue to be displayed, but are divided up by seam boundaries. Additionally, the measuring lines appear in the roll view.
    ML_layout_mode.png ML_roll_view.png



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