Quick Tile


Pull from a library of predefined patterns and insert into any room regardless of size or shape.

For a video demonstration of how this feature works please click HERE.



How To:

1. Select at least one room, then select the Quick Tile tool.

2. In the window that opens select a pattern and click the Insert button to use it in the room. 

3. In the insert quick tile window, start by defining the length of side for the tile in the pattern. This establishes what size tile from your product list will be available in the product selector.


4. You can either select specific tile from your product list that fits the pattern or allow Quick Tile to create a new product. The newly created tile will be added to the product list and can be edited from there later.




Allow Random Design


1. When this box is checked it allows you to set a percentage that controls how often a tile product will be used in the pattern.

2. Use the "plus" and "x" buttons to add or remove lines. The use percentage of each tile can be manually edited. Regardless of how many lines are added for any given pattern segment they must add up to 100 percent.

3. Use the drop-down box to choose whether there is any required spacing between colors in the pattern.


Managing the Quick Tile Library

Manage your pattern library by clicking on a pattern and selecting either to delete or rename it in the bottom left corner:



Company Designs

If your organization has an RFMS Cloud Storage subscription at the Professional or Enterprise level, you may choose to share and import patterns within your company.

To Share to the Cloud: Select a pattern from the My Designs section then click the Share button.

To Import from the Cloud: Select a pattern from the Company Designs section and then click the Import button.


Note: Renaming or deleting patterns in the Company Design section will impact all other users within your organization.

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