Using the Select Tool in Layout Mode

In Layout Mode, the Select tool is primarily used to select individual cuts and move seams. It cannot be used to resize or move rooms as that functionality is restricted to Drawing mode.

Keyboard Shortcut: Shift+F1


Upon entering Layout Mode, the Select tool will be active by default. An easy way to confirm that it is currently in use is to simply look at the mouse cursor. The Select tool is active if the cursor appears as the standard Windows arrow.

When working with roll goods, any cuts that are selected in the main drawing area will also be highlighted in the Estimate window, and vice versa.


How To

Select an Individual Cut:

  1. Enable the Select tool.
  2. Left-click on the desired cut.


Tip: After using another tool or function, re-enable the Select tool by pressing the Escape key

Select Multiple Cuts/Rooms:

  1. Enable the Select tool.
  2. Draw a selection box around the desired cuts/rooms by holding down the left mouse button and dragging. If any portion of a cut is within the selection box, the entire cut will be included in the selection.



  1. Hold down the Ctrl button while left-clicking cuts/rooms. Clicking once will add an item to the current selection. Clicking a second time will remove that item from the selection.

Tip: Any tool or feature that affects an entire room (i.e. changing a room's product or lay direction) only requires a single cut within that room to be selected.

Select a Seam:

  1. Enable the Select tool.
  2. Left-click a cut that is adjacent to the seam you want to select.
  3. Left-click the seam's handle.



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