Introduction to Layout Mode

 Note: This article has information for a legacy version of Measure Desktop. We recommend updating for access to improvements and new features.

Layout Mode allows users to adjust seam locations, as well as cut placements for roll goods and slab products. Access it by clicking the Layout button under the Home tab of the Ribbon Bar.


Three main screen elements change in Layout Mode as compared to Drawing Mode:


  1. A new tab appears on the Ribbon Bar with tools for manipulating seams, managing rolls, and working with slab products.
  2. Measure generates a preliminary seam layout and displays seam locations in all rooms that contain roll products.
  3. The panel on the right side of the screen displays information specific to the product being used in the selected room. For roll goods this includes a diagram of the roll and the location of each cut. Non-roll products will have relevant product usage data displayed here.

Note: To go back to Drawing Mode, do not select another tab on the Ribbon Bar. Instead, click the "Exit Layout View" button.

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