Product Selector

The Product Selector allows users to assign primary flooring products to rooms on the drawing.


When a room is selected, the product assigned to it will be displayed in the Product Selector's drop-down box. If multiple rooms are selected and they all share the same product, it will likewise appear there. If the selected rooms do not all share the same product, the box will display default_material.png instead.

Whatever product is listed in the Selector's drop-down box will be applied to the next room that is created. To change the product in an existing room, use the following steps:

  1. Select the room.
  2. Click the Product Selector drop-down box.
  3. Choose a product category in the Select Product window.
  4. Click on a product.
  5. Click "OK".

Tip: Quickly choose a product in the Select Product window by double-clicking it.

The "Select Product" Window


  1. Product Categories
    All materials and services in Measure are organized into categories in the Product List. Left-click the category in which the product you're looking for is located.

  2. Toggle Category Layout
    Toggle the placement of categories between their default left-side orientation and a tab-based orientation with categories displayed above products.

  3. Filter Product List
    Filter the selected product category according to Style Name, Width, Length, or Unit of Sale.

  4. Clear Filter
    Remove all product filters.

  5. Products
    Products and services within the selected category are listed in this area.


  1. Change View
    Clicking this button toggles through several different layouts related to the way products are listed.

  2. Add to Favorite
    The "Select Product" window includes a category for favorite products. Select a product and click this button to copy it to the Favorites category.

  3. Add New Product
    Open the Add Product Wizard and begin entering data for a new product.

  4. Product List
    Open Measure's Product List.

  5. Search Database
    If your company utilizes RFMS Mobile or has an RFMS Cloud Storage account, this feature will allow you to search your store or the Cloud and import products.

  6. None
    Assign a "None" product to the room. Useful in situations where a room needs to be included on a takeoff, but will not be receiving any primary flooring products.


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