Screen Layout

Measure's home screen consists of four main elements:


1.  Drawing Area
This portion of the screen is the primary work space for Measure projects. The drawing tools found on the Ribbon Bar and elsewhere will be used to draw and arrange the floor plan here. This space will also be used when allocating material in Layout Mode and viewing the drawing in 3D.

2.  Ribbon Bar
The ribbon bar contains all the tools and features necessary for creating and editing rooms in the Drawing Area. Tools are grouped together under tabs (Home, Room, etc.) based on common functionality.

Additionally, there is a File button that opens a menu from which users can save their current project, start a new project, open an existing project, print reports, and so on.

Note: Some features in Measure generate their own Ribbon Bar tabs containing tools that are specific to the feature being used. These specialized tabs must be closed before other tools and features can be used again.

3.  The Explorer Window
This window displays a customizable list of project data. By default, it contains the names of all rooms on the project. The buttons below the main window can be used to select other criteria by which the data is grouped, such as by products or room measurements.

Tip: Rooms on the drawing can be selected by left-clicking them in this window. If data in the Explorer Window is being sorted according to product names, left-click a product and all rooms in which that product is being used will be selected.

4.  Quick Access Toolbar (QAT bar)
Customizable toolbar to which commonly used tools can be assigned.

See: Quick Access Toolbar

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