How to Edit Cut Placement on the Roll Plan



Tools for Working within the Roll Plan

expand.png  shrink.png Expand or shrink the roll plan. When the plan is expanded a set of roll specific tools become available.

When in the expanded view of the roll plan, use this button to change the roll orientation to be either vertical or horizontal.


When in the expanded view of the roll plan, use this button to toggle between viewing cut groups as a single column or in multiple columns.


Recalculate and optimize cut placement. Note: If you have made any custom cut placements these may be lost when this action is performed.


The Manual Compress tool will compress your cuts, attempting to lower overall waste, without changing their order.


The cut group Splitter tool allows you to separate cuts into additional cut groups.

apply_waste.png  Apply extra waste using this tool. Calculate it by percentage or fixed amount.


Project Settings Related to Cuts

The Project Settings screen can been reached by tapping the settings icon, project_settings_button.png, on the bottom left side of the screen.

Cut Labels
Choose to label cuts by number or by letter.

Roll Width
Select 'usable' or 'display' to use either the full width of a roll or the usable amount.

Cut Increment
Round each cut up so that its total length is evenly divisible by the amount entered in this field.

Maximum Cut Group Length
Set the limit for cut group length.


Auto Compress


  • When auto-compress is turned on, Measure will  compress cuts on the roll each time a cut is moved.
  • When auto-compress is turned off,  cuts can be placed freely.


Cut Type

Cut type indicates how and where the cut gap is applied.

All Sides
Will insert a space around each side of a cut.

Will add a space the end of each cut as well as each cut group.

Will add a space at the end of each cut group.


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