Break Open

Break open an existing room to edit its shape.

Break_Open_Button.pngThe Break Open tool only becomes usable when one side of a room has been selected. When the tool is activated, the base of the selected side's direction arrow acts as a hinge, allowing the side to swing open so that additional points can be plotted.


Tip: To reverse the direction of a side so that it will swing open at the opposite end, select it and click the Keypad_reverse.png button on the Keypad or the Ribbon_Bar_Reverse.png button in the Edge section of the Ribbon Bar.

How To:

  1. Select one side of the room to break open.
  2. If necessary, use the Reverse tool to change the direction of the selected side.
  3. Left-click the "Break Open" tool, which can be found under the Edge section of the ribbon bar's Home tab. The room will open along the selected side and the Polygon tool will be activated automatically.
  4. Plot additional points by left-clicking within the drawing area.
  5. Close the room by left-clicking on the start point of the open side.


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