Room Add-Ons

This feature allows auxiliary products and services to be added to projects on a per-room basis. Add-On items are calculated based on user-defined rules and added to the takeoff.


Room Add-Ons are best used in situations where multiple rooms that utilize the same primary flooring product are to receive different auxiliary products or services. Example: A number of rooms in a project are assigned the same tile product, but they won't all share the same covebase. Room Add-Ons allow for this variation.

Tip: In cases where all rooms with a particular main product are to receive the same Add-On item, use Product Add-Ons to ensure no rooms are overlooked.

How To:

Create Room Add-Ons

1. Select the room(s) to which the Add-On should be applied, either on the drawing itself or by selecting a room line in the Worksheet. If accessing Room Add-Ons from the Worksheet, only a single room may be selected.

2. For rooms selected directly on the drawing, click the Room Add-On button under the Home tab of the Ribbon Bar. A new window will appear.

If Room Add-Ons are to be accessed from the Worksheet, click the "Add-Ons for Room" button in the lower-left corner of the screen.


3.  Click the "Add" button.


4. Left-click a product or service to select it and click OK.

Tip: Hold down the Ctrl key and left-click to select multiple items. Doing so allows you to attach more than one Add-On at a time.


5. Most items will default to a specific calculation method. It can be changed by clicking the Calculation Method drop-down box next to the item.

: Basic Calculation Methods and Advanced Calculation Methods


6. If additional Room Add-Ons are to be created, repeat steps 3-5.

7. Close the Add-On window or move it out of the way to continue working on the project.

Apply Perimeter Add-Ons to Specific Room Sides

When choosing a calculation method for a perimeter-based Add-On, there are options to exclude it from transitions, edges, and/or holes. In some cases it may be necessary to indicate specific room sides to which the Add-On should not be applied. The following steps show how this may be done:

1. Select the room to which the perimeter Add-On is to be applied.


2. Open the Room Add-On window if it does not open automatically. Do this from the Drawing screen by clicking the "Add-On" button on the Ribbon Bar. If the Worksheet is currently open, click the "Add-Ons for Room" button in the lower-left corner of the screen.


3. Select the highlighted segment on the side of the room where the Add-On should be excluded by left-clicking it. If multiple perimeter Add-Ons are in use, there will be a highlighted segments for each one. The product in use on the currently-selected segment will be highlighted in the Add-On window.


4.  Left-click the segment a second time to remove it. The Add-On will no longer be calculated along that side of the room.


 The "Room Add-On" Window


1.  Select
Click the grey button at the far left of a line to select it.

2.  Product
Name of the Add-On item. Click to open the Product Selection window and choose a different item.

3.  Calculation Method
Define a calculation method for the add-on.

See: Basic Calculation Methods and Advanced Calculation Methods.

4.  Add
Create a new Room Add-On. Clicking this button will open the Product Selection window.

5.  Delete
Delete the selected Add-On from the project.

6.  Segment Size
Slider that controls the thickness of perimeter Add-On segments. This setting is purely visual and does not affect material calculation in any way.

7.  Open on Room Select
If this box is checked, the Room Add-On window will automatically appear any time a room is selected.


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