Create Box

Add 3D flaps to all sides of a room and create an additional flap on top in order to generate an enclosed box.


The Create Box tool is found under the Room tab of the Ribbon Bar. It will not be available for use until one side of a room has been selected.

This tool will create wall flaps on all sides of a room in the same manner as the Create Walls tool. It will also create a flap that mirrors the shape of the base room. The location where this additional flap attaches is determined by which side was selected when the Create Box tool was invoked.


How To:

  1. Select one side of a room by left-clicking its handle (Handle.png).
  2. Click on the Create Box button.
  3. In the window that appears, define the parameters for the box and then click the OK button.

The "Create Box" Window


1.  Side Product
Click this button to open the Product Selector and choose a material for the flaps. Only products sold by a square unit of measure will be available.

2.  Length
A length for the wall flaps must be entered here.

3.  Thickness
Enter an optional thickness for the wall flaps. This setting only affects the way they are rendered in the 3D viewer and does not affect material calculation.
Valid range: 0" - 2'0"

4.  Fold
Radio buttons used to select a fold direction for the wall flaps. Choosing "Toward" will cause the selected room to be the floor of the box. "Away" will fold the flaps so that the room becomes the top of the box.

5.  Lay Alignment
Slider used to specify a direction for the Side Product. Left-click and drag it to change the setting.

Tip: If you're unable to dial in the exact angle you need, left-click the slider and use the left and right arrow keys to adjust it in one degree increments.

6.  Pattern Start on Edge
If a tile product is in use, select one of the options in this section to choose a start location for it. This setting operates relative to the Lay Alignment.

  • Automatic 
    Measure's default tile start method. This will reflect the standard way tile is installed in the majority of cases. 
  • Corner 
    Start tile in the corner of each wall flap, based on Lay Alignment. 
  • Center Tile (Bottom) 
    Start tile in the center of the bottom row. 
  • Center Tile (Top) 
    Start tile in the center of the top row. 
  • Center Grout 
    Place a grout line in the center of each wall flap as a start point.

7.  Edge Product
Click this button to open the Product Selector and choose a material that will be assigned along each newly-created edge. If a tile product is selected, then a single row of tile will be allocated along the edge.



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