Set Edge

Specify where a seam starts in a room.


Use this tool to indicate where the initial length seam should be placed in a room. As part of this process, the software may create or remove additional seams in order to optimize the layout and reduce waste. If more t-seams are created, their total will not exceed the number specified in the "Maximum Allowed T-Seams" drop-down box.

Note: "Set Edge" only affects rooms with unlocked seams.

How To:

  1. Click the "Set Edge" button under the Ribbon Bar's "Estimate" tab. When the cursor is moved over the drawing, it will change to a set of full-screen crosshairs.
  2. Click a location within a room where the initial length seam should be placed. Repeat this step if the seam placement is not exactly where it should be.
  3. Press the Escape key or select another tool from the Ribbon Bar when finished.

Note: It is not necessary to select a room prior to activating this tool.

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