Add T-Seam

Create t-seams at specific locations within rooms on the drawing.


T-seams run perpendicular to a room's lay direction.


Override the default seam layout and insert as many new t-seams as needed. The number of seams created with this tool is not limited by the material's "Max T-seam" setting in the Product List, or by the "Maximum Allowed T-Seams" drop-down box on the Ribbon Bar. This tool is only available in Layout Mode and only rooms that contain a roll product may have t-seams added to them.

How To:

  1. Left-click the "T-Seam" button under the Ribbon Bar's "Estimate" tab. When the cursor is moved over the drawing, it will change to a set of full-screen crosshairs.
  2. Left-click a location within a room where a t-seam should be created. Repeat this step for each t-seam that is needed.
  3. Press the Escape key or select another tool from the Ribbon Bar when finished.

Note: It is not necessary to select a room prior to activating this tool.

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