Add Length Seam

Create length seams at specific locations within rooms on the drawing.

Add_Length_Seam_Button.pngLength seams run parallel with a room's lay direction.


Override the default seam layout and insert as many new length seams as needed. Only rooms that contain a roll product may have length seams added to them. This tool is only available in Layout Mode.

How To:

  1. Click the "Length" button under the Ribbon Bar's "Estimate" tab. When the cursor is moved over the drawing, it will change to a set of full-screen crosshairs.
  2. Click a location within a room where a length seam should be created. Repeat this step for each length seam that is needed.
  3. Press the Escape key or select another tool from the Ribbon Bar when finished.

Note: It is not necessary to select a room prior to activating this tool.

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