Lock Seams

Lock seams in place so that their placement is not disturbed by changes in other room layouts.

Lock_Seams_Button.png When a room that uses a roll product is changed in such a way that its default seam layout is no longer be optimal, Measure will reallocate that product. As a result, seam placements in other rooms containing the same product may be adjusted. The most common causes of automatic reallocation are changes to a room's size or shape, or manual adjustments to its seam layout. The "Lock Seams" tool prevents this behavior.

Note: Users retain full control over the locations of locked seams. They are only "locked" in the sense that Measure will not move them without direct user input.

In addition to manually locking seams, the software itself may trigger a room's layout to become locked if the user makes significant changes to the default seam placements. By default, seams that Measure generates automatically will appear as black, dashed lines, whereas locked seams are represented by blue, dot-dashed lines.

Unlocked seams
Locked seams

How To:

  1. Select at least one room by clicking on a cut within it.
  2. Click the "Lock" button under the Ribbon Bar's "Estimate" tab.

Tip: This tool can be used on multiple rooms at the same time. Drag a selection box around them, or Ctrl+Click multiple rooms with the select tool prior to clicking the Lock button.

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