Angled Cut

Create a seam that runs a a non-right angle.


Cuts may be created at any angle using this tool. When an angled cut is created in a room with unlocked seams, that room's seams automatically become locked.

Lock Seams

How To:

1.  Select a cut on which the angled seam will be placed.


2.  Click the "Angled Cut" button under the Ribbon Bar's "Estimate" tab and move the cursor over the drawing area. A red dot will appear on one side of the cut.

3.  Use the red dot and its accompanying measurements as a guide to find the starting point for the new seam. Left-click to place the start point.


4.  Another red dot will appear along with a set of guide measurements and a red line linking the start point to the dot's current position. Locate the end point for the cut and left-click.





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