Measure Desktop Known Issues

Use this list to find known issues in Measure Desktop and their status. Fixed issues are removed after 30 days. All fixed issues can be found in the Release Notes.

At times, we make available "on-demand" versions that resolve some of the issues listed below. Contact us at if you would like to receive our latest on-demand version.

See also Measure Mobile Known Issues and RFMS Mobile Known Issues

Status Legend:

  • Pending Fix - Planned for an urgent patch update or a server side fix to resolve critical issues
  • Pending Release - Planned to be included in the next update of Measure Desktop
  • Scheduled - Planned to be included in a future update of Measure Desktop
  • Blocked - Unable to be resolved at this time

Known Issues

Issue ID


Affected Build

Fixed Build


MSR-5585 Scale may be incorrect when importing multi-page PDFs in which different pages have differing scales. Workaround: Import pages individually. 4121 4156 Pending Release

MSR-5715, MSR-5847

Measure may become unresponsive in some situations 4156 4220 Pending Release



Stairs may not calculate some Misc. products correctly. 4156 4220 Pending Release

Subdivided areas with Misc. product may show incorrect quantity.

4156 4220 Pending Release

Adding/removing tools on Quick Access Toolbar may throw an error. Workaround: Reset Measure to default settings

4187   Scheduled


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  • New Known Issue Added: MSR-4072 Checklists belonging to a template do not appear in new projects.
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