Recover un-synced projects that become lost after updating Measure Mobile on Windows

Due to a recent change to the platform on which the Windows edition of the app is built, it may be possible for projects that have not been saved to the RFMS Cloud to disappear after updating. These can be recovered, but it is critical that you do not uninstall Measure Mobile prior to following the steps listed below. Doing so will result in the permanent loss of any projects that were not synced to the RFMS Cloud.

Recover Missing Projects:

  1. The RFMS Help Desk will send you an installation package for a previous version of the app. Once you receive it, follow the steps in the following article and then proceed to step 2 below:
  2. After running the installer, you maybe asked whether you want to reinstall or launch the app. Choose "Reinstall".
  3. Once the installation process is complete, start Measure Mobile. Note: Clicking the "Launch" button in the installer will not work; you must start the app through Windows' Start menu.
  4. When the app loads, the missing projects will appear on the Project screen. 
  5. Log into the app with your regular credentials.
  6. Cloud synchronization should take place automatically. Tap the Sync button in the upper-right corner of the screen to ensure this occurs.
  7. Exit the app.
  8. Open the Microsoft Store and update Measure Mobile.

When you log in, the formerly missing projects should be restored.

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