Measure 64-bit Beta Release Notes

Build 3791 was released on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 to all testers.


  • Added curves and new cutting tool to the Divide contextual tab group (MSR-4546)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed failed regression test (MSR-4603)
  • T-seams are now properly created on stairs regardless of the orientation (MSR-4637)
  • When moving seams on stairs, the system now properly snaps to step intervals (MSR-4610)
  • Project checkup errors were being generated for products that are not in use (MSR-4638)
  • Default Walls had "tails" in a particular project (MSR-4640)
  • Toggle Sidebar functionality has been restored (MSR-4639)
  • Quick Tile library dialog now opens correctly
  • New material areas disappeared when using curves (MSR-4647)

Build 3782 was released on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 to all testers.

New Features

  • Modeless Product List and Worksheet (MSR-4230, MSR-4229)
  • View Seam and Cut layouts without opening separate "Layout Mode" (MSR-4361)
  • Simplified blueprint import process (MSR-4287)


  • The Auto-Takeoff tool now automatically generates transitions (MSR-4462)
  • Implemented lasso selection in the new vectorized auto-takeoff function (MSR-4445)
  • Enhanced ability to import multiple PDF images onto the same tab (MSR-4280)
  • Reduced load time by about 20% (MSR-4536)
  • Dimensions are positioned closer to the room edge (MSR-4368)
  • There is now an indicator on the estimating pane that allocation is in progress (MSR-4354)
  • The roll layout window is now detachable in its own modeless window (MSR-4361)
  • Sidebar width has been reduced for DPI settings > 250%
  • Compression no longer yields a sub-optimal result in some cases (MSR-4421, MSR-4404)
  • Auto-takeoff now works directly off vectorized drawings (MSR-4416)
  • Added image preview to Import Graphics dialog (MSR-4414)
  • When non-roll products are used on stairs, users may now choose lay directions other than "up" or "down" (MSR-4394)
  • Selecting a room now selects the corresponding product in the estimate window (MSR-4388)
  • When using the Extended Polygon function, the green snap lines appear regardless of the value of the "Snap to Rooms and Grid" setting (MSR-4405)
  • When the CTRL key is pressed, the following text is displayed: "Snap to Grid is OFF" (MSR-4307)
  • Remove the Digitizer group from the Blueprint ribbon tab (MSR-4383)
  • Removed the UI for Touch Draw (MSR-4382)
  • Improved metafile management; it is no longer necessary for the users to specify whether they should be used or not (MSR-4433)
  • Implemented improved checkup for slabs (MSR-4511)
  • Improvements were made to roll allocation when rooms are altered (MSR-4475)
  • Older projects that were saved with previous iteration of stairs are no longer reallocated when they are opened (MSR-4490)

Bug Fixes

  • Allocation was incorrect in certain situations (MSR-4346)
  • Hardened the code against crashes when bad image data is found (MSR-4302)
  • Addressed issues with importing rasterized images with (MSR-4366)
  • Cut groups were not always showing in Roll View
  • Adding a T-Seam was causing the estimate window to not refresh properly (MSR-4387)
  • Information about the selected cut is visible once more (MSR-4348, MSR-4404)
  • The show dimension and show cut names options now work correctly in connection with the Seam Plan report (MSR-4392)
  • The Room Plan report should no longer displays seams (MSR-4392)
  • Snapping Unit was not applied when the first room as drawn (MSR-4341, MSR-4404)
  • Room names can now be suppressed again on the Room Plan (MSR-4392)
  • Changes to product name and extra waste on the Products dialog are now reflected in estimate sidebar (MSR-4357)
  • Snapping lines were not appearing after blueprint image has been imported (MSR-4339, MSR-4404)
  • The original Quick Tile "Random" layout persists when re-opened (MSR-4359, MSR-4404)
  • Using "Copy Floor..." calculation method with coving was creating excess quantity (MSR-4334)
  • Flooring material is no longer invisible in certain situations (MSR-4271)
  • Corrections to snapping (MSR-4341)
  • Entering a character in the Lay Direction drop down no longer crashes the system (MSR-4450, MSR-4404)
  • Changes to products are now correctly saved when the user answers the prompt: Do you want to save your changes? (MSR-4443)
  • Jobs were not properly allocating after the Options dialog was updated (MSR-4399)
  • Corrected error message: Destination array was not long enough (MSR-4448)
  • Seam view now allows the user to select a room for older projects (MSR-4456)
  • Changing tabs no longer deselects an edge (MSR-4373)
  • Certain join operations no longer crash the system (MSR-4400)
  • Seam operations were producing badly formed cuts (MSR-4401)
  • Fixed system crash when activating rasterization on drawings (MSR-4414)
  • Corrected memory leak (MSR-4391)
  • Clicking on rooms with non-roll goods now updates the Estimate pane (MSR-4388)
  • T-seam and angle seams were not being rendered (MSR-4401)
  • When merging sheets on the Worksheet, the system no longer gets into an infinite loop (MSR-4478, MSR-4480)
  • Next Point and Previous Point tools have been fixed (MSR-4501)
  • It is now possible to alter perimeter add-on calculation method after choosing "Selected Segments" (MSR-4352)
  • Center cuts now works correctly (MSR-4504)
  • In some cases, the worksheet would lock up on jobs with multiple sheets (MSR-4503)
  • System no longer responds poorly because of an infinite allocation loop (MSR-4506)
  • Project Checkup could not fix "Product Quantity appears to be incorrect" for Tile and Plank. (MSR-4517)
  • Stair material was not being changed in some cases (MSR-4510)
  • Inserting quick tile now gets rid of cut lines (MSR-4486)
  • Perimeter add-ons were "splitting" while belonging to a single line segment (MSR-4472)
  • Check up is now able to fix the Pattern Alignment for really small pattern roll product (MSR-4543)
  • When a handle is selected in 3D, the arrowhead now correctly displays in 3D (MSR-4520)
  • User waste was not being accounted for in the worksheet (MSR-4535)
  • Apply button is once again visible in Cut Sequence pane (MSR-4395)
  • Room node is now displayed in view after editing room name (MSR-4275)
  • The Fix It operation was locking up (MSR-4543)
  • Not all rooms were being allocated (MSR-4557)
  • Options dialog was displaying the wrong allocation in the Estimate Window (MSR-4562)
  • Using Ctrl+A to select all no longer selects images if the "Allow image to be selected" option is off (MSR-4137)
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