Measure 64-bit Beta Release Notes

Build 3990 was released on Friday, April 9, 2021 to all testers.

New Features

Added Palette Sidebar along the left side of the screen (MSR-5124)


  • Drag and drop Products, Stacks, or Quick Tile patterns directly into any selected rooms
  • Use Ctrl+Click to select multiple Miscellaneous or Service items and drag them onto the drawing to create multiple Add-Ons in a single step
  • Click and drag the Palette's title bar to undock it and place it anywhere on the screen
  • Right-click the Palette's title bar and choose to dock it to any side of the Measure window
  • Hide the Palette by right-clicking its title bar and unchecking the "Pinned" option
    • While unpinned, the Palette will only appear as a small tab on the left side of the screen
    • When the cursor is moved over the tab, the Palette slides into view
    • When the cursor is moved back over the canvas, the Palette retracts
Added Summary view to the right Sidebar (MSR-5162)


  • This view displays a lightweight version of the Worksheet that updates in real time as work is performed on the project
  • For each product in use, the Summary view displays Style & Color, Gross Quantity, and a Subtotal
The right Sidebar can now be unpinned, docked, or hidden in the same manner as the Palette
Added Navigation Bar along the left side of the screen (MSR-4236)


  • The Navigation Bar allows quick access to various important areas of the software. From top to bottom, the layout is: Import Blueprint (Premier only), Project Information, Product List, 3D Viewer, Worksheet
  • The Navigation Bar can be unpinned, docked, or hidden in the same manner as the Palette (MSR-4236)
Implemented optional cursor snapping (MSR-4876)


  • With this feature enabled, the cursor will automatically snap to nearby handles and points
  • Enable or disable it via the "Snap cursor to handles" checkbox found in Measure Options > Drawing > Mouse.
Products can now be dragged and dropped into rooms from the Product Selector or Product List (MSR-4319)


  • Miscellaneous and Service products can be dragged and dropped directly onto rooms or into the Room Add-On dialog. Additionally, It is now possible to drag edge materials to specific edges of rooms and user-defined material areas (MSR-4946)

Added "Capture Room Name" tool (MSR-4712)


  • Capture text on an imported blueprint and assign it as a room name



  • Updated Ribbon configuration (MSR-5089)
    • Commonly used tools from the Room tab were distributed out to the Home and 3D tabs. As a result, the Room tab was eliminated.

  • The following dialogs are now non-modal: Material Selector, Insert Quick Tile, Stack Library (MSR-4946)
    • Drag and drop the contents of these dialogs into rooms and material areas

  • Enhanced Cut Plan with more useful information (MSR-5053)
    • Enhanced Cut information can be accessed by setting "Cut instructions format" to "Tabular"

  • Updated font and colors on various UI elements (MSR-4936)
  • Takeoff Assist area selection is faster and more reliable (MSR-4866)
  • Enhanced hole tools so that they may be used to remove material from multiple selected rooms at once (MSR-4276)
  • Users may now select multiple projects in the "Open cloud project" dialog and delete them with a single step (MSR-4861)
  • It is now possible to bulk upload multiple locally saved projects to the Cloud through the "Open cloud project" dialog (MSR-4861)
  • Reinstated "Custom" option for scaling blueprints (MSR-4891)
  • Added option to toggle visibility of seams when not on the Seams Tab (MSR-4926)
  • Enhanced support for Add-Ons assigned to Material Areas (MSR-4910)
  • The icon for Add-Ons assigned to material areas appears next to the material area name (MSR-4966)
  • Restored the 3-point curve and named it Symmetrical Curve (MSR-4935)
  • Added support for tile and other hard products on stairs (MSR-4089)
  • Right-clicking a room now selects the room itself, not the user-defined material areas (MSR-4909)
  • Measuring Tape boxes are now persistent objects on the drawing (MSR-4619)
  • There are now Room Plan and Seam Plan options for displaying Measure Tape boxes (MSR-4619)
  • Measurements are now shown while adding t-seams and length seams (MSR-4906)
  • Added the ability to navigate and rearrange sheets through the Sheet List (MSR-5022)
  • Added the ability to delete multiple sheets through the Sheet List (MSR-5022)
  • Added the option to apply different material on stair risers and treads (MSR-4702)
  • When importing a multi-page PDF, the system automatically names each sheet based on the PDF file name (MSR-4551)
  • Added 180 degree landing to the stair library (MSR-5114)
  • Some notifications are now displayed at the top of the canvas and require no user action to dismiss (MSR-4841)
  • Moving an edge shows effects on curves in the red outline (MSR-4786)
  • It is now possible rename a CAD drawing and add notes (MSR-3204)
  • Enhanced the Fill Room tool's ability to detect fillable areas (MSR-4840)
  • Reduced the likelihood of data loss when the computer loses power or crashes while saving a project (MSR-4839)
  • Handles are much easier to see with 4K monitor (MSR-4846)
  • All cursor sizes are now supported for all cursors (MSR-4799)
  • Performance of Forms function was improved in some cases (MSR-4898)
  • Curve presentation on cuts and roll cuts has been improved (MSR-4874)
  • The system now spaces points along curves according to amount of curvature to employ only as many points as is necessary (MSR-4834)
  • The Recalculate Manually option was removed, as background calculation renders it unnecessary (MSR-4865)
  • Send to Back / Front was added to the right-click menu (MSR-4233)
  • Copy button on Product List was renamed Duplicate to make its function clearer (MSR-4060)
  • The user will receive a prompt before performing any operation that will result in a product being duplicated (MSR-5043)
  • Restored the ability to import blueprint images as monochrome (MSR-4990)
  • Internal notes can now be applied at the sheet level (MSR-2601)
  • Direct manipulation of border pieces is now allowed (MSR-4788)
  • The full-screen cursor was made more visible (MSR-4920)
  • Implemented material specularity in 3D renderings (MSR-3777)
  • Tile patterns are now rendered on both treads and risers of 3D stairs (MSR-3998)
  • Made export to RFMS more prominent on the Worksheet (MSR-5157)
  • Cut groups now terminate at the end of a cut gap, not in the middle (MSR-5113)
  • Quick Tile's "Scale other lengths proportionately" box is unchecked by default (MSR-5187)
  • The system now forces the QAT under the ribbon each time the system starts (MSR-5210)

Bug Fixes

  • Hidden walls can no longer be selected (MSR-4766)
  • Company setting for unit of measure is applied when cut-and-paste operation is used (MSR-3802)
  • The Straighten tool on the Blueprint tab works again (MSR-4878)
  • Product Images were not rendering correctly (MSR-4768)
  • Corrected Draw Ellipse cursor (MSR-4799)
  • Seam Plan now shows all room names when appropriate (MSR-4896)
  • Optional drawing confirmation sounds have been restored (MSR-4699)
  • Fit to Grid tool can no longer cause material and lay directions to change erroneously (MSR-4902)
  • Selecting "Lock Cuts" now refreshes the roll view (MSR-4870)
  • Shift+F7 now invokes the Rectangular Hole tool, as originally intended (MSR-4924)
  • After save and reopen, the main floor product of a room with borders was not included in the Worksheet (MSR-4928)
  • Compress horizontal/vertical now respects the orientation of the cut window (MSR-4934)
  • Fixed crash resulting from products that contain duplicate color IDs (MSR-4576)
  • Rapid clicking on tiles caused extra nodes to appear in the Product Explorer (MSR-4256)
  • Tiles cleared in the tile editor will no longer appear in the Worksheet (MSR-4256)
  • Users are no longer able to apply an invalid width to stairs (MSR-4949)
  • Some cut positions changed in the trip between Measure Mobile and Measure Desktop when stairs were present (MSR-5056)
  • Adding a room multiplier caused the Seam Plan to lose header and footer (MSR-5036)
  • Manipulating room sides was resulting in loss of add-on product (MSR-5025)
  • Corrected problem in calculating LY (MSR-4982)
  • Eliminated long delay when closing the Product List (MSR-5060)
  • Roll position was not displaying on the status bar when a cut was selected in the Estimate panel (MSR-4985)
  • It is no longer possible to blank out the Min Plank Length in the product catalog (MSR-5075)
  • "Hide Default Walls" no longer affects quantities (MSR-4823)
  • Sheet list multiplier was not editable (MSR-5104)
  • Snapping was not consistently working with the Polygon tool (MSR-4564)
  • Stairs in expanded mode are rendered properly in 3D (MSR-4127)
  • Wrapping of text in textboxes no longer depends on zoom level (MSR-2934)
  • Assigning material to a room containing material areas no longer erases the material areas (MSR-5112)
  • Self-crossing room shapes can no longer be formed when drawing holes in a room (MSR-5126)
  • Addressed large memory consumption with certain projects containing mosaic tile patterns (MSR-5096)
  • Clicking on the tick marks to set the stack panel lay direction has been fixed (MSR-5117)
  • Cuts on stairways were erroneously allocated under certain circumstances (MSR-5102)
  • Notes were getting cut off on the Room Plan and Seam reports (MSR-5153)
  • The correct image is affected when multiple images on the same sheet share the same name (MSR-5146)
  • The Add-On icons in user-defined material areas were too large at some zoom levels (MSR-5148)
  • At times, product could not be added to selected segments (MSR-5149)
  • In some cases incorrect quantities were generated on the worksheet when add-ons were placed on stairs (MSR-5133)
  • The cuts window did not refresh when transparency was changed (MSR-5147)
  • Certain actions could result in unexpected loss of transitions (MSR-5175)
  • Quantity in Checklist Report was not matching Quantity in Checklist or Worksheet (MSR-5140)

Build 3843 was released on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 to all testers.

New Features

  • Created more robust Curve tool that replaces 3-Point and 5-Point Curves (MSR-4594)
    • Once a curve has been generated, it can be manipulated with the use of two "grabber" handles
    • Angles and lengths are shown so that the user can readily produce symmetrical curves (MSR-4751)
    • Added "Remove Curve" option under the Room tab of the Ribbon Bar (MSR-4751)
  • Added "Fit Curve" tool (MSR-4751 / MSR-4600)
    • In some cases, room sides may be made up of a number of small, straight segments that would be better represented as a curve. Select the room and use this tool to trace over such areas to convert them to actual curves. A tooltip near the cursor indicates deviance from the original line segments. Lower numbers indicate greater accuracy.
  • Added Fill Room tool (MSR-4730)
    • Select this tool and click within a blank area between several rooms. Measure will attempt to fill the area with a new room. Primarily intended for filling in corridors/hallways.
  • Added "Join Material Areas" tool
    • Select multiple rooms and join them together with Material Areas being generated automatically based on overlaps (MSR-4654)


  • Crop, shear, flip and rotate operations can now be performed during the Blueprint import phase (MSR-4549)
  • Material Areas can now be defined without going into a separate mode (MSR-4653)
    • Select a room and click the "Subdivide Areas" button on the Home tab of the Ribbon Bar. Draw lines across the selected room to designate the location of one or more new Material Areas. Press the Enter key to create the new Areas.
  • Linear products and services may now be assigned as Add-ons to the sides of Material Areas (MSR-4587)
  • Material Areas may now be named by the user (MSR-4649)
  • Material areas now have their own designation in Worksheet and Explorer Panel (MSR-4669)
  • Users may now delete division lines between Material Areas (MSR-4678)
  • The system now allows dragging of Material Area boundaries (MSR-4678)
  • When a room's shape is modified, any Material Areas in the room are resized/reshaped accordingly (MSR-4586)
  • Close Room tool can now be used to complete a Subdivide Area operation (MSR-4690)
  • Curves may now be applied to Material Areas (MSR-4760)
  • Material Area names are no longer cut off by names of nearby Material Areas (MSR-4732)
  • Topmost dialogs no longer disappear when other applications are activated (MSR-4597)
  • Parent dialogs no longer disappear when child dialogs are opened (MSR-4597)
  • Snapping lines are now shown when dragging cuts on the roll (MSR-4652)
  • A new checkbox was added to the Options dialog that will cause the system to default to the last-used folder rather than the Default Project Folder (MSR-4691)
  • Renamed "Take-Off on Blueprint" tool to "Take-Off Assist" as a more accurate description of the tool's purpose (MSR-4683)
  • Enhanced Take-Off Assist with new "Shade Rectangle" option (MSR-4708)
    • Quickly paint large areas that contain many smaller enclosed areas that would be tedious to fill with regular Take-off Assist
  • The Take-Off Assist dialog now remains open until closed by user (MSR-4684)
  • The Take-Off Assist tool now rounds all measurements, including transition lengths (MSR-4604)
  • "Allocate Steps Individually" is now sticky (MSR-4616)
  • Enhanced alphanumeric sorting on the Worksheet (MSR-4701)
  • Improved accuracy of Take-Off Assist tool's hole detection (MSR-4593)
  • Take-Off Assist now allows users to set fill color (MSR-4682)
  • The Cancel button in the Take-Off Assist dialog was renamed as Close to better reflect the tool's functionality (MSR-4716)
  • Reinstated Left/Right lay options on stairs with roll goods (MSR-4803)
  • Added "Apply Scale to All" button in the Import Graphics dialog (MSR-4746)
  • The system now detects missing cuts more accurately (MSR-4783)
  • The visual cue indicating cuts extend beyond the end of a roll has been made more prominent (MSR-4714)
  • Numerous performance enhancements (MSR-4744)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that could cause tiles to be invisible in rare instances (MSR-4801)
  • Selected segments defined in 32-bit version occasionally shifted position when opened in 64-bit version (MSR-4819)
  • Undo and Redo with certain roll product was producing unexpected results (MSR-4850)
  • Fixed bug that could cause curves to collapse into a series of individual lines (MSR-4818)
  • Exporting to PDF from Forms no longer causes crash (MSR-4796)
  • Hard surfaces no longer hang the system (MSR-4828)
  • Corrected error when printing 3D report (MSR-4824)
  • Punch out no longer crashes in certain situations (MSR-4794)
  • Text boxes now appear correctly on the Seam Plan (MSR-4806)
  • Project Checkup can now fix certain pattern alignment issues (MSR-4769)
  • Inner and Outer Corner Add-On calculations are no longer inflated by the presence of coving (MSR-4742)
  • "Product quantity appears to be incorrect" Checkup error is now more effectively resolved by the Fix It button (MSR-4742)
  • Some cloud projects could not be opened (MSR-4795)
  • The content of text boxes no longer extends outside their boundaries under certain conditions (MSR-4790)
  • Double clicking on a room no longer displays the Add-On dialog (MSR-4789)
  • Cuts no longer become immovable under certain conditions (MSR-4780)
  • Adding t-seams and angled seams were not forcing reallocation in some situations (MSR-4772)
  • PDF export of Photos report no longer hangs the application (MSR-4721)
  • "Cut Plan Instructions" report no longer crashes when there are no rolled goods (MSR-4643)
  • Waste percentage now updates correctly when cuts are moved (MSR-4676)
  • The "Always show Room Dimensions" option now works consistently throughout the software (MSR-4675)
  • Mouse wheel now works consistently on additional screens (MSR-4667)
  • Mouse cursor's appearance is now properly set when using Ctrl to create barriers for the Take-Off Assist function (MSR-4685)
  • Default Walls no longer have "tails" on highly acute angles (MSR-4640)
  • Default Material Area names now persist as other areas are deleted or created
  • Stairs no longer cause the 3D viewer to hang (MSR-4632)
  • Lay direction arrows no longer disappear under certain circumstances (MSR-4659)
  • Corrected large number of minor bugs

Build 3791 was released on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 to all testers.


  • Added curves and new cutting tool to the Divide contextual tab group (MSR-4546)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed failed regression test (MSR-4603)
  • T-seams are now properly created on stairs regardless of the orientation (MSR-4637)
  • When moving seams on stairs, the system now properly snaps to step intervals (MSR-4610)
  • Project checkup errors were being generated for products that are not in use (MSR-4638)
  • Default Walls had "tails" in a particular project (MSR-4640)
  • Toggle Sidebar functionality has been restored (MSR-4639)
  • Quick Tile library dialog now opens correctly
  • New material areas disappeared when using curves (MSR-4647)

Build 3782 was released on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 to all testers.

New Features

  • Modeless Product List and Worksheet (MSR-4230, MSR-4229)
  • View Seam and Cut layouts without opening separate "Layout Mode" (MSR-4361)
  • Simplified blueprint import process (MSR-4287)


  • The Auto-Takeoff tool now automatically generates transitions (MSR-4462)
  • Implemented lasso selection in the new vectorized auto-takeoff function (MSR-4445)
  • Enhanced ability to import multiple PDF images onto the same tab (MSR-4280)
  • Reduced load time by about 20% (MSR-4536)
  • Dimensions are positioned closer to the room edge (MSR-4368)
  • There is now an indicator on the estimating pane that allocation is in progress (MSR-4354)
  • The roll layout window is now detachable in its own modeless window (MSR-4361)
  • Sidebar width has been reduced for DPI settings > 250%
  • Compression no longer yields a sub-optimal result in some cases (MSR-4421, MSR-4404)
  • Auto-takeoff now works directly off vectorized drawings (MSR-4416)
  • Added image preview to Import Graphics dialog (MSR-4414)
  • When non-roll products are used on stairs, users may now choose lay directions other than "up" or "down" (MSR-4394)
  • Selecting a room now selects the corresponding product in the estimate window (MSR-4388)
  • When using the Extended Polygon function, the green snap lines appear regardless of the value of the "Snap to Rooms and Grid" setting (MSR-4405)
  • When the CTRL key is pressed, the following text is displayed: "Snap to Grid is OFF" (MSR-4307)
  • Remove the Digitizer group from the Blueprint ribbon tab (MSR-4383)
  • Removed the UI for Touch Draw (MSR-4382)
  • Improved metafile management; it is no longer necessary for the users to specify whether they should be used or not (MSR-4433)
  • Implemented improved checkup for slabs (MSR-4511)
  • Improvements were made to roll allocation when rooms are altered (MSR-4475)
  • Older projects that were saved with previous iteration of stairs are no longer reallocated when they are opened (MSR-4490)

Bug Fixes

  • Allocation was incorrect in certain situations (MSR-4346)
  • Hardened the code against crashes when bad image data is found (MSR-4302)
  • Addressed issues with importing rasterized images with (MSR-4366)
  • Cut groups were not always showing in Roll View
  • Adding a T-Seam was causing the estimate window to not refresh properly (MSR-4387)
  • Information about the selected cut is visible once more (MSR-4348, MSR-4404)
  • The show dimension and show cut names options now work correctly in connection with the Seam Plan report (MSR-4392)
  • The Room Plan report should no longer displays seams (MSR-4392)
  • Snapping Unit was not applied when the first room as drawn (MSR-4341, MSR-4404)
  • Room names can now be suppressed again on the Room Plan (MSR-4392)
  • Changes to product name and extra waste on the Products dialog are now reflected in estimate sidebar (MSR-4357)
  • Snapping lines were not appearing after blueprint image has been imported (MSR-4339, MSR-4404)
  • The original Quick Tile "Random" layout persists when re-opened (MSR-4359, MSR-4404)
  • Using "Copy Floor..." calculation method with coving was creating excess quantity (MSR-4334)
  • Flooring material is no longer invisible in certain situations (MSR-4271)
  • Corrections to snapping (MSR-4341)
  • Entering a character in the Lay Direction drop down no longer crashes the system (MSR-4450, MSR-4404)
  • Changes to products are now correctly saved when the user answers the prompt: Do you want to save your changes? (MSR-4443)
  • Jobs were not properly allocating after the Options dialog was updated (MSR-4399)
  • Corrected error message: Destination array was not long enough (MSR-4448)
  • Seam view now allows the user to select a room for older projects (MSR-4456)
  • Changing tabs no longer deselects an edge (MSR-4373)
  • Certain join operations no longer crash the system (MSR-4400)
  • Seam operations were producing badly formed cuts (MSR-4401)
  • Fixed system crash when activating rasterization on drawings (MSR-4414)
  • Corrected memory leak (MSR-4391)
  • Clicking on rooms with non-roll goods now updates the Estimate pane (MSR-4388)
  • T-seam and angle seams were not being rendered (MSR-4401)
  • When merging sheets on the Worksheet, the system no longer gets into an infinite loop (MSR-4478, MSR-4480)
  • Next Point and Previous Point tools have been fixed (MSR-4501)
  • It is now possible to alter perimeter add-on calculation method after choosing "Selected Segments" (MSR-4352)
  • Center cuts now works correctly (MSR-4504)
  • In some cases, the worksheet would lock up on jobs with multiple sheets (MSR-4503)
  • System no longer responds poorly because of an infinite allocation loop (MSR-4506)
  • Project Checkup could not fix "Product Quantity appears to be incorrect" for Tile and Plank. (MSR-4517)
  • Stair material was not being changed in some cases (MSR-4510)
  • Inserting quick tile now gets rid of cut lines (MSR-4486)
  • Perimeter add-ons were "splitting" while belonging to a single line segment (MSR-4472)
  • Check up is now able to fix the Pattern Alignment for really small pattern roll product (MSR-4543)
  • When a handle is selected in 3D, the arrowhead now correctly displays in 3D (MSR-4520)
  • User waste was not being accounted for in the worksheet (MSR-4535)
  • Apply button is once again visible in Cut Sequence pane (MSR-4395)
  • Room node is now displayed in view after editing room name (MSR-4275)
  • The Fix It operation was locking up (MSR-4543)
  • Not all rooms were being allocated (MSR-4557)
  • Options dialog was displaying the wrong allocation in the Estimate Window (MSR-4562)
  • Using Ctrl+A to select all no longer selects images if the "Allow image to be selected" option is off (MSR-4137)
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