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So my clients love when I print off my plans and show them the 3D view.  I like how it gives me a list of all the Add Ons and shows them on the plans as different colors.  What I do wish is that not all the Add Ons print off on a list.  My clients don't need to see a list of all the Add Ons that I put on there.  Like labor, grout, clips, so on and so on.  If there was a print check mark in edit products, and when checked, those would be the only ones to show up on print.  This would really help when sending shop drawings to the client.  



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    Hi Andrew,

    I can certainly see value in offering a "Show Selected Add-Ons" type of option for printed reports. It would be a fairly large undertaking, so I can't comment on if/when we can get to it, but I will document it and provide it to our development group for consideration. Thanks for the suggestion!

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