Scenarios for Multi-Family

Here is what we want to create - multiple scenarios within a single file on different tab pages for a multi-family situation.

We frequently work with floor plans for units that have different finishes for the same unit. We want to be able to use the comparative tool that scenarios provide with our clients.

Here is an example situation - multiple unit types & different scenarios (finishes): (see example below)

  1. S1 with 3 scenarios
  2. A1 with 2 scenarios
  3. A2 similar to above
  4. A3 similar to above
  5. B1 with 3 scenarios
  6. B2 similar to above
  7. B3 similar to above
  8. C1 with 4 scenarios
  9. C2 similar to above
  10. C3 similar to above


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    Hi Adam! This is a really interesting suggestion. I have added it to our official "to-do" list so that it can be considered by our Product Management team. Thanks for the input!

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  • Adam, always a pleasure to hear from you!  Great idea!   An ability to have multiple scenarios within a scenario, if you will…. Correct?

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