Global Price Change Option

I have updated the new update and I like the new feature where it asks when you make something taxable if you’d like to make all other things taxable and it goes through your product list and does so.  That would be a great feature when it comes to pricing as well  When you change Price Level for it to ask if you'd like to change all price levels to the same, or to have a select all button and be able to change price levels on all items at one time either in products or on the worksheets themselves.


Changing prices one at a time is arduous and time consuming.  I realize that I can change prices on the red screen to all the same level with one click, but then my quotes don't match my worksheet and I'm a fan of them matching.



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    Hi Brian! Great suggestion! "Range Edits" for Measure have been on our radar for a while now. We have a design worked up and ready to go. Look for this in an update in the near-ish future.

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  • Brian,

    I like it.  We’ll get this written up as an enhancement.

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  • I agree. Not everyone uses B2B and being able to mass edit products on Measure desktop is seriously needed.

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