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When clicking on a room I see there is a way to not only name the room, but to make notes for those rooms.  Is there a away to make those notes show up on the bids?  If I put a note in a restroom that states, "All walls to 48" high with metal cove base", can I have that show up at the bottom by the total for the room, if my bid is selected to bid per room?

This would help with clarifications and cut back on change orders and arguments on how we bid the job.  




  • Andrew,

    Thanks for the post.  Good to hear from you!  There is a print report called “Explorer - Notes View” that will print off the notes, sorted alphabetically by room name.  It doesn’t show up on the legend in Room Plan, Seam Plan, etc. because it’s a separate report.  That being said, i assume you’re printing Worksheet and/or Forms sorted by Room and you’d want to see it there?

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  • Hey Jacob

    Good to hear from you again too.  You know how long it took our company to get the bid forms to look the way we want.  Now we just use Generate Quote and send that quote to our clients.  If the notes could show up there, that would be great.  

    Even if it showed up at the bottom with the name of the room, that would be great.  Do you we to print that report then add it onto the quotes as an attachment?

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