EDITING PRODUCTS Improvements for mass edits

As a sales person who only has access to my own projects (no cloud product access or B2B) I like to save myself time and create a consistent naming format for products I import prices lists via a CSV file.

I CREATE locally saved files separated by manufacturer and product type.  Like a MOHAWK_LAMINATE.msr or SHAW_CARPET.msr file that has those products saved in them.

When I need a product I grab them from the locally saved file of that manufacturer and type... get it?


Product import is fairly limited.  It does not allow for marking a product as TAXED and it does not allow for other important information like FREIGHT, STYLE NUMBER, WIDTH, LENGTH, PATTERN info, BOX QUANTITY, and CUT GAP

It would be great if there were these improvements on import.
HOWEVER it could also be beneficial to have a RANGE EDIT like ability to select specific PRODUCT INFORMATION like Product type (PC #) and apply a mass edit similar to how its done in bidpro.

Oh and just throwing this out there products should have the manufacturer on them and all entered customer information in measure should export including ad source, email, etc.



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    Hi Tim! Thanks for taking the time to offer your feedback!

    We know there's a lot of room for improvement when it comes to non-RFMS product imports. All I can say at the moment is that we have plans to enhance this feature significantly. We are also working on a Range Edit type of feature for both the Product List and the Worksheet.

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