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Is it possible to have a Default Calculation for a Product like there is for Add-ons? I'd like to be able to set  a Tile to either "Area" or "Tile Count" per a Product instead of just as a Projects Setting.



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    Long time, no chat.  I like this a lot!  I will get this written up.  For documentation's sake, do you have any specific examples you'd like to share with us?

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  • Jacob,

    It has been a while sine we talked. Hope you are doing well!

    We were discussing Estimating Standards for my Team and the situation was brought up about how we calculate different products depending on the condition of the Project. We do a lot of Multifamily (Apartments) with vinyl plank and ceramic tile plus what we consider true Commercial Projects (Hospitals , Airports , Office Buildouts ...) . We build our vinyl plank in Measure as a tile so that we can control the drop instead of building it under a wood/laminate plank. For Units in the Apartment's we would use a calculation method of "Area" because of the large quantity of material , but for the lower quantity materials I like to use the "Tile Count" so that I see my true inherent waste. Of course this goes for how we estimate any Tile Product. Using the Project settings works, but I just have to remember to change my Product to either "Area" or "Tile Count" depending on what I have my Project Setting set to.  Hope this makes sense.

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  • Hey Ronnie

    Under Product Edit when you enter the product name and size of the product, there is an area that says UNIT.  That is where you select if you want the product to be calculated by SF, SY, LF, Etc.  If you drop it to EA, it calculates how many pieces. We have to use that setting quite a bit d when we order, some materials are sold by the PC.  The only place that you can not select EA is in any of the rolled goods,  Which kind of sucks because we have to order material by the full roll most of the time.  Hope this helps.


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