Toggle Cover Page on Exported Quote Diagram.

Once a measure is converted to a quote, the 'cover-page', diagrams, and overage page are all included in one attachment.  Sometimes our installers confuse this page with a workorder. If adjustments are made to the order after this conversion the cover page can carry incorrect information and have caused confusion on occasion. 

Can we add a toggle on/off option for the 1st page? This would also help a LOT when sending non quantity diagrams to clients for approval. That first page is usually more info than they need.

Example photo attached.



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  • I like the idea of being able to check or uncheck this page. I would also like the room/seam/cut plan to be individual options. If I have a seam plan and a cut plan, the room plan is not needed. It's redundant. 

    FWIW- our installation managers generally choose the pages they want to print and omit the cover and room plan.

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