Custom Product Names - Per Project

Looking to add a private name to the product while its in a project. Being able to give it a plan reference ID like FT-1, CPT-2 would be pretty awesome, so that you are not going back and forth to your finish plan. But the key being it setup to the plan only so that when you open something else if it uses the same product, its reference doesn't follow. 



  • An additional field - AREA would be good for that.  That filed could then export to the AREA field in RFMS.  For commercial work, the Measure Room Numbers is not useful.  We have to erase it on export.

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  • What I am talking about really comes down to editable columns. What I am looking for is to create a new column for "Project Product Name" or something like that. That field is then added on the worksheet and it goes for every line. Notes would work, but you cant see the info in the field which is the point. Then it also would have to be able to be removed, since it would do residential user no good to have it one there unless it was builders or something like that. 


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