Overtyping segment length size

When selecting a wall segment on a room, and attempting to change the length of a line, the existing length would be overtyped by the size you were trying to change the segment length to.  For example, the first quick room is a 12' x 12' room.  When I would select one of the 12' segments to change the size, whatever size I entered would "overtype" the existing 12' size.  Now, when I try to change the room size, say to 15', it adds my dimension to the 12' that is already populated, resulting in something that looks like 12'15', when it previously would replace the 12' with new size of 15', without having to erase the 12' first, before adding the new 15' dimension.

This change adds time, and extra steps, to drawing up rooms, and feels like a significant step backwards in the efficiency of the Measure Mobile software.  Could this be changed back to the way it used to be?  Thank you!



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