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Is there a way to "lock" my transition colors? It gets pretty old changing my colors every morning. They always default back to red and I want them to be different colors based on the transition I am using.



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    There is not currently a way to change default transition colors but that should become available in time. In fact, we would like to offer a greater variety of display options for all sorts of on-screen elements. In addition to transition colors, users should be able to set default font sizes and colors for room names and dimensions, weight and color for seam lines, etc.

    Thank you for the feedback!

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  • Would really love to be able to just change the transition color on the diagram without having to go through a bunch of product entry. Most transitions aren't even recognized by mobile as transitions. (understood this is on the business / cloud side of things). It would take too long to add every single trim piece to products. 

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