Carpet & Sheet Good Pattern Function & User Waste

The pattern function works as if we are matching wall paper. In theory, this works, however, in the real world with a product that has to be stretched and manipulated, it is not practical. My suggestion is 

1) Have the ability to lock the first cut, then the pattern repeat is added to each subsequent cut


2)Have the ability to add user waste to individual cuts instead of just on the end.

The latter would be helpful in general as it does not really help much to add user waste if I can't add it to change the size of individual cuts.



  • Brian our experience has worked very well lining up the patterns. Start in the hall as the pattern and have each room attached to that match the room (hall, 1st cut) then it all lines up great. We always add an additional match just to make sure there is no roll damage in shipping. 


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  • You do have the ability to add a full match to the start of the roll, which compensates for were the mill cuts the material.  Keep in mind Measure Mobile and Desktop don't add a full match for repeats, it takes the cut out to the measurement that contains the next repeat.

    Example let's say I have a room the has a measurement of 13'9" L x 22'6" wide.  I need 2 cuts to seem in the middle of the room with a 12ft vinyl with a 3' x 3' match.

    In a perfect scenario if I start with a full match from the wall, I need 1 cut at 13'9 and 1 at 15' which contains the next match. If I center the pattern crossover in the room, then the cut to include the match becomes a 17', as that's the next number to contain a full match.

    Appreciate the feedback, pattern matches are still one of those items in the flooring industry that doesn't seem to have one standard.
    The other way to figure matches is to do it old school, count your cuts, add your match, then take that LF number and add it as user waste.

    As for the cuts, you do have a way to a cut gap to each cut as well as a cut increment, which will round the cut up to a desired increment.  3" seems to be a popular number.. 

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