Prefix codes on RFMS Imported products

Once upon a time, there was the capability in MD to import a product in, then change the name to include the architect's prefix code (CPT1, LVP1, etc.).  This would only adjust the name, and when you'd export that back into RFMS, it would hold that prefix code in the style name.  RFMS was strictly looking at the sequence number and not the name as the prime means of identifying the product.

Well, that changed with RFMS v21.  I can still edit the name within Measure, but when I export it out, it reverts back to the original product name.

This is incredibly important for doing work with commercial contractors.  They want to see their prefix code next to the product name.  Commercial contractors dont necessarily care if it's a Shaw or Mohawk...  they simply refer to it as CPT1 or CPT2 in their daily conversations.

I know the framework was once there to allow this prefix code to exist...   Can we bring that back?  



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  • You know me Jacob. I'm all for options.

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