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This may not strike many as critical, but I would really like to stress this post to RFMS.

As someone that takes every project from start to finish. Customer entry, Material selection, Design plan, Measurement, Estimation, Quoting and Project Management... I’ve been using the mobile apps for just shy of 4 years daily.

The best practice I have learned after all of this time is to measure the home treating each flooring type as a new room. If a room has more than one product currently installed, they are separate boxes on the diagram. This becomes my ‘demolition diagram’, and is critical for accuracy in quoting labor. I have learned to label my rooms with the demolition type to try and simplify this when building the quote. 

2 things I feel that could drastically improve the app: 

1. There needs to be an option for a "Demolition Diagram" and an "Install Diagram" within each project.

Remodeling is all about changing things. There is an unnecessary level of complexity when trying to create 2 diagrams for projects. 

I have learned to use ‘project sets’ to create and save a new diagram’s without losing the original demolition plan. To get this separate (installation) diagram onto the order, I have to create a new diagram, save it into my files, Open the PDF and use 'print to PDF' with specified page ranges to eliminate the extra generated pages. Then you have to save the new diagram into a folder, Open RFMS and upload the secondary diagram onto the order/quote... Is this more work than I need to do? Absolutely. 

2. If creating a multiple diagram solution is too complex on the programming side, then at least allow us to tag each room/box with the demolition type while we measure. Same with transitions. If we can just tag the transition as a T-Mold/Reducer/End cap during the measure without diving into the products category. It could drastically increase the efficiency of the estimate when we sit at the desktop later to build the quote.

My method right now is to label each room before I leave the measure. For example, if the Living room has Carpet or wood, I label the room “LR (D Wood)” or “LR (D Cpt)”.

I will include a diagram for context.

Kudo’s if you made it this far!



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  • Well said.  I have the exact same problem and do mine very similar to yours.  The only difference is that I label my rooms with the material to be demo 'ed first, then when you are using the checklist and you are clicking all of the areas for TILE removal, it groups all of mine together so I don't miss a room.  For example, for tile removal  T LR or T HALL , for tile removal on the second floor I put T&U BATH1 (tile & underlayment) and for carpet C MBR or C MCL.

    Oh and the other thing, since I measure for carpet and for tile at the same time, I have to get creative and label my carpet measurements.... BR2 M4CPT (measured for carpet??)

    You nailed this question so I very interested to see if something like this can be done.

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