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Would it be possible to have a new product type added?  The new product type would need to act as a rolled good that also comes in cartons; cove base for example.  

The reasoning behind the request is that cove base comes in a carton that is measured in linear feet (120 total linear feet); broken down into 4' increments; resulting in 30 total pieces.  In addition, the same cove base can be purchased in a 120' coil.  The cove base adhesive is calculated by the square footage covered by the cove base; however, the cove base labor is calculated by the linear footage of the cove base.  

Considering RFMS Measure does not have the ability to add add-ons to add-ons and Measure does not remove surface area for products added to edges; a new product type that has similar properties to rolled goods and carton goods is the solution I think would work best.

Please let me know if a new product type is possible.

Jenn Stewart (RFMS Help Desk) responded to my initial request with: saving to cove base as a tile (4" x 4'), adding 4" stacks to all the required walls and changing to rolls as needed.

This work-around is adequate for single-family homes or smaller projects; however, it is tedious for larger projects.

For instance, corridors for four-story dormitory that have over 130 wall segments in the corridors; that's a lot of clicks.

Furthermore, the flooring and cove base had to be split because there is no way (we could find) to have flooring and attached walls (stacks) in different phases.

Another possible issue we identified is once the measure file is exported the total for the cove base could be misinterpreted if the person writing-up the sale isn't familiar with the way the cove base has been allocated.



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  • Welcome to the add-on for add-ons club.  I have been a member for a long time.   The rubber base is the main reason for the club.  There may be other examples where it is needed, but they are few.

    The tile workaround has a couple of issues.  The biggest would be the waste generated.  Second would be the units, if you choose a unit of area, you have to convert that area to lineal feet in order to get cartons.  That conversion combined with the waste factor defeats the point of trying to reduce cost.  The other choice is piece units which will result in the same waste and conversion issues.  Another issue is 'islands' and holes.  Rooms surrounded by corridors are what I refer to as islands.  Columns in the middle of rooms are holes.  Adding walls, only adds walls to the exterior of the room, you will have to manually add walls to the columns, etc.  The transition with the punch-out checked will eliminate the walls (base) at doorways and material transitions.

    Another workaround I have tried is using vinyl rolls at 4"x4' and 4"x120'.  This alternative runs into the same issues as tiles with regards to waste although the waste is smaller.  You still have to convert from one unit to another.  You also still have to add walls to 'islands' or holes.  I believe this is the closest thing to the new product you mentioned above.

    Add-ons for add-ons is the simplest solution.  It allows for the low waste add-on of rubber base to be calculated in lineal feet which can be converted to carton quantities if inputted.  It would allow for the rubber base adhesive to be calculated by square feet with a custom formula based on lineal feet of rubber base.  Finally you could do the labor in hours based on the lineal feet of rubber base with another custom formula.

    If you find another workaround in the meantime that works.  Please let me know.  If you find more examples of add-ons for add-ons please let RFMS know as it will make the need for two tiered add-ons more than just rubber base.

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  • I agree. I vote yes

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