I would like to be able to crop odd, shaped prints.

if I could crop left and right angles that would be a game changer for me.

most prints I crop are not square.

cropping with angles. would make a much cleaner drawing.  I send most drawings out to builders to get oks on layouts and etc.,

and I believe the drawing would be much cleaner and presentable.



  • This would be nice, multiple people have requested since 2018.

    Would also be nice if cropped print would have removed portion of blueprint not kept with cropped version.  Crop a print and rotate it 45 degrees and you will see the whole print remains with just the cropped portion showing.  You will also notice file sizes do not get smaller if you crop a blueprint.

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  • I agree, I would use this feature often. Would be a very nice addition.

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  • Agreed. Very helpful.

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