Feature Request: Option to lock profit margin on Labor Items

I've been an advanced measure desktop user for over 12 years now, using this software for bidding and managing large commercial flooring, tiling, and ceiling projects.

One feature addition that would make this software twice as useful to my company, and possibly others, would be an option to have a specific profit margin or price point locked in on Service line items.

For example, let's say my price to install carpet tile is $.75/sf to my installer, but on my published retail price list to my customers it is $.85/sf retail price. It would be amazing if I could have my service line items programmed to do this (or even allow my templates to pull this information all the way through from the cloud like it does for measure mobile, because currently it only pulls in the cost not the retail).

What I'm getting at is that usually I have my labor rates set in stone as far as my cost goes, as well as my retail price, and this price is oftentimes different from the product margin I want on the products for my jobs. And yes I understand it's simpler to just use one blanket margin for all items on the project, the way measure is setup. But for certain projects, It's easier for us to bid the product at a set margin, and the labor at a different set margin.

If there is any way to add an option in measure settings, for those who would utilize this feature, to turn on and have the ability to have specific service (labor) line items preprogrammed, that would save me many hours of time from always doing this manually. Or if it could be as easy as setting this up as a template in the cloud, and with just the service items, have those pull through both the cost and retail, and then have the margin option in the worksheet affect all the product line items.

Just something I've thought of often over the years and thought this feature would be immensely helpful.



  • We use the checklist under Tools. We created labor lines and select them to match the material and have the specific margin set for the labor line. Including install on wood, on concrete, on gypcrete. You have to spend a little time on the front end to make sure you get them all into ROS but in the long run using the checklist to bid in desktop is incredible efficient. 

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  • That interesting John

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  • Hi John,

    That's very interesting that you were able to find a way to do this. Are you able to expand on that at all and go into any more detail about how you achieved this?

    I've talked with RFMS Support and they've told me there isn't a way to do this that they are aware of, but it seems you found a possible workaround.

    I've never been able to get my cloud checklists or labor lists to pull in properly to measure and show costs or retail pricing (which I have programmed into RFMS Desktop and measure cloud checklists).

    Thanks for you help!

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