Provide a way to customize shortcut keys to commonly used tools and features

As a user, I would like to customize the existing keyboard shortcuts as well as to add new shortcut keys to tools that do not have a shortcut yet. 




  • This has been asked for on numerous occasions, would benefit power users   

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  • Hey Kurt,


    I use the shortcut keys on my keyboard all the time as well. I found that if you right click anywhere on the tool bar, or ribbon, and go down to customize, then keyboard, you can assign keys to each tool. I use this every time I start a new project. It is much faster than having to go click on whatever tool you are going to use. 


    I would like to see Measure make it so you can save these customized keys as a default so I don't have to go back in and customize every project,

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  • Scott,

    This action isn't available in the newer versions. I used to have "split rooms", "insert point" and "rectangular hole" actions assigned to hotkeys and after one of the updates, I no longer have that tool.

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