As an RFMS user, I would like a way to estimate hard surface products that have a CT or BX Unit Type in RFMS

There are many examples of hard surface products such as VCT or LVP that are bought and sold using a CT or BX unit type. This unit of measure is provided by the Supplier or Manufacturer and cannot be changed in RFMS. When estimating these products in Measure, the resulting quantity that is exported back to RFMS is not properly converted back to a carton or box count, but instead is an exaggerated number that is the number of planks or tile for the project, but using the BX or CT as the unit type. 

This request is to improve this process to allow Measure to calculate the amount of pieces or square footage of material that is needed, but then to convert that back to the appropriate amount of boxes or cartons when exporting the line item to RFMS. Then, the proper amount can be ordered from the supplier. 



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  • Being that all these EA, BX or CT items have to be calculated via SF or LF, it would be nice if the number in the box column could replace the SF or LF number in the gross quantity column

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