Blueprint Cropping and "Hiding" / "Allowing to be Selected"

  1. Is there the possibility the crop tool could crop non-rectangular shapes?  There are times when cropping "L" shapes or on an angle could be beneficial.
  2. Could an option to "Select All" or "Deselect All" in the Image Settings?  When there are quite a few blueprints uploaded, you can only "Hide" or "Allow image to be selected" one at a time.


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    The option to be to crop an image with a right angle or polygon cropping option would be a big benefit, as match lines are not always in a box shape.  

    Can you add some more detail to #2, like what the benefit would be for such a feature.  

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  • #2 Benefits:

    Selecting all blueprints to copy or delete.

    Also, the blueprints seem to enter the drawing space to the right. It would be nice to select multiple to be able to move them into desired locations. 

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  • I agree. Being able to crop L-shapes out of an image would be a great feature.

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  • Yes please... 

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