I would like a simpler way to manage different flooring options for the same project

As a flooring sales professional, you often have a need to offer multiple options to your client. Each option likely contains different primary flooring products along with different add-ons and services. At present, in order to offer these different options, you probably draw rooms, apply product and come up with the first option. Next, you exit the project, create a copy of the floorplan only, open that newly copied project and proceed with the second option, and so on. 

This feature enhancement would simplify that process by allowing you to create a copied project while still within the original project. This new copy would immediately open allowing you to begin the second option without first returning to the project screen. These projects would be linked together so that they could be easily accessible from within the original project or any of the copies, allowing you to toggle between them quickly. 

When creating this copy, you might have an option to include photos, notes and possibly applied products from the original project. 

Archiving or Finalizing one of the projects would offer the option to archive or finalize all of them. In addition, if you export to RFMS, these projects would automatically attempt to create related quotes when exporting. 




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