Would like to add Clip Art images to Measure Mobile projects




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    Kurt Wilson

    Hi Gus,

    Thanks for the question! You now have the ability to search the royalty free Google Poly library for 3D objects. When inserted into a drawing, they can also be viewed in 2D mode and are visible on the Room Plan. 

    We're working on some refinements to this feature, including giving you a predefined set of 3D clipart, or objects.

    Please let us know if you have any feedback when using this feature. Thanks!

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    That is a great feature! However this assumes the user has an active internet connection.  Also, I noticed that when importing, the user always has to scale the objects.  For example, I imported a toilet, and the object had a width of 10 feet.  Its just one more step to take while on property in situations where speed is key.  Maybe there could be a way to build a "quick library" on the management site which is loaded when users open measure?  This could have a set of common used elements at correct sizes so users do not have to search and scale each time an object is needing to be input.

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    Kurt Wilson


    You're feedback is spot on. We intend to do the following:

    1. Provide a pre-defined set of objects available to you while a network connection is present
    2. Allow you the ability to create your own library that is available offline

    I also like your feedback regarding correct size and scale. Perhaps that can be incorporated into #2 as well. 

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